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June 30, 2010
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Headbursters by Zeta-Neubourn Headbursters by Zeta-Neubourn

These creatures are created as sort of a bio-weapon by a certain boss-like character I've yet to establish. Their most noteable characteristic is their balloon-like head that contains a neurotoxin and cause them to hover. They can adjust their altitude by expelling and inhalling air through the vent on their head. The way they keep the air in their head toxic is by a gland that excretes the toxic into the air in it's head. They've earned the name "headbursters" because they've been rigged with a triggering device that's activated by pulling the ball off their collar. Once removed, it causes a reaction with the gland that makes it produce the toxins 7 times faster. This causes their head to expand, full off toxic gas and eventually rupture, expelling the gas like a bomb. Normally, the gas they excrete is only an irritant, burning the eyes and respiratory system, but the gas that's expelled when one explodes is far more potent and can stun, knockout, paralyze or even kill someone.

This hasn't stopped people from trying to make pets of them. Despite being made in a factory for bio-weapon use and being a deadly creature, they're actually really docile. (The exception being when they're triggered to explode. They tend to seek out their target and latch onto them with their rope like arms.) People have made attempts to disarm them from exploding and replacing the glands with something more pleasant, like an air freshener. However, only a couple people have one as a pet, seeing as only a few know how to make them, the process is rather expensive and dangerous. From the few that've been disarmed and detoxed, they're really nice pets.

They don't speak at all, despite having mouths. They usually only make faint squeaking sounds, the exception being when they inflate, making a loud, high-pitched squeaking sound similar to when you pinch the neck of a balloon while it deflates.


I wanna plushie of one of them. >u> They look squeeshy.


Character, art, all that jazz is copyrighted to Hunter McDonald (Zeta Neubourn)
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